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Explore our ecosystem to find the applications that empower your emotion recognition, therapeutics, and treatment.

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Partner applications are like adding a new team member, or a new specialty. It allows you to get even more from VERN Health. Only the revolutionary, trusted and vetted innovations in emotion recognition become part of VERN Health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I use these apps ?

Yes, you can use these applications if you add these to your monthly package. Each application has its own monthly fee in addition to the VERN Health monthly subscription.

How do I use these apps ?

After you add your apps to your plan, you can start up the application within the VERN Health Toolkit. Click to open them, and follow the individual app’s instructions.

How do I add these apps ?

Click on the application you want to add, and there you will find information on the application including links and documentation. Add the app to your plan by selecting “add to my plan.” 

Will I need an account with each app?

In most cases, your account and access to VERN Health will be all you’ll need. Our integration with partners ensures you sign up for their service, using our toolkit. 

Can I share applications ?

No. Each application is available to +Enhance for each subscription. You’ll need to add the +Enhancement for each user.

Are all partner app features included ?

In most cases, +Enhancing your subscription fee will cover the features of partner applications. In some cases, additional functionality within their application environment adds value and partners may charge additional fees.