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“VERN would be great for pre-screening to understand the level of care that is required for people as SOON as possible!”
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"Being able to track mood over time would be beneficial, especially on more acutely focused assessments"
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"We need VERN right now to help stop violence against healthcare workers. There’s nothing out there to help us"
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"VERN Health is something that the medical society has been waiting for it may greatly improve patient care"
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"VERN Health could be a game changer for enhancing the mental health video visit experience. I truly believe that we will eventually move beyond trying to prove that video visits are equal to in-person. Instead, we will reach a point where the video visit is better than an in-person visit in many ways. Sounds like you are leading the charge in this direction."
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We provide state of the art emotion detection for healthcare

VERN Health combines the biological, neurological, and psychological methods of detecting emotions to identify hard to find clues to a patient’s state of mind. Get several objective measurements to triangulate your own diagnosis.

Clinical Board

VERN Health is informed by a professional clinical board of multiple specialties, psychiatry, tele-therapists, general practice, administrative and emergency care.

Ensure Treatment Effectiveness

VERN Health can help you create forms, and analyze communication to help you create a care plan for each patient.

Quality and Safety

VERN Health and partner applications are thoroughly vetted and provide governance and compliance information in copious documentation.

Immediate Service

VERN Health works in minutes. No need to pre-train a tool on a ton of data--it works right out of the box. Don't waste time with others. VERN Health is the most complete real-time analysis tool.


VERN Health is designed for telehealth. Use our Zoom-integrated video conferencing tool, complete with live analysis.

Have software already? Contact us to integrate VERN Health into your platform today!

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Quality and Safety

VERN Health and the partner applications in the toolkit are tools to aid in the diagnosis of patient conditions and cannot make diagnosis on its own unless otherwise specified. VERN Health is based on VERN AI technology, a vetted emotional recognition technology. VERN has been used in multiple healthcare applications.

Our team has vast experience in healthcare, mental and behavioral healthcare; both practical and administrative. VERN Health is led by members who were director-level officials in healthcare administration.

An Answer to the Psychiatrist Shortage?

2,800 professionals are needed now…and the problem is only going to get worse. Level the playing field with efficient tools that augment, assist, and AID professionals.

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    "V.E.R.N. is the state of the art for emotional technology. It's truly cutting edge and represents the future of artificial intelligent systems.“
    -Dr. Anthony Ellertson
    Boise State University

    VERN Health is Augmented Emotional Intelligence

    We enable empathy to provide the best in patient care