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With VERN Health Sessions you can analyze responses for emotions and feelings of anyone you interview. This makes it a perfect companion for your introductory telehealth, therapy or counseling session. 

  • Write in your own questions or
  • Pick questions from a pre-set list
  • Label the session with your own unique identifier, code or ID
  • Combine results into a PDF

Here’s an example of the output of VERN Health Sessions, that you can download as a PDF immediately following your interview.

How to Use VERN Health Sessions

The following guide is a suggested application of the intensity based on research, previous and current uses of VERN AI. Users have found that using a stratification and escalation matrix based on these levels gives their analysis even more insight. VERN Health provides this guide as a suggestion for use of this application only.

51-65% Predictors: LOW presence of each emotion.

65-80% Predictors: MEDIUM presence of each emotion.

80-100% Predictors: HIGH presence of each emotion.

Mixed emotions:

  • Flag to check for later review.
  • Often indicators of masked or covered emotions

Programs + Specialties    Therapy, Telehealth, Human Resources, Customer Service
Real time analysis    As fast as you can type
Input   Manual Entry
Language Model   VERN AI
Model Description    Digital Dynamics
Language(s)   English

People Say

"VERN Health Sessions has allowed me to find emotions I didn't catch during the live therapy session. It also let me know when something I asked touched a nerve, and has led to positive outcomes with patients."

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    Module Profile

    Name: VERN Health Sessions

    Purpose: Manual Session Analyzer

    Short Description:
    Analyzes answers for emotional content. Saves a color-coded transcript for further review.

    Therapy session transcription, customer service interaction, human resource tool

    Cost:$20.00/$10.00 user 
    50% off!


    Categories: Therapy, session transcription, web-based, emotion analysis

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