Holistic Approach

Bio-Neuro-Psych combined

VERN Health combines biological, neurological, psychological analytical information combined with face, voice, biology and the words we use to provide the world’s only holistic behavioral and mental health tool. Each of these partner technologies are incredibly effective in their own rights, but together the ability to have more data points and more certainty behind your diagnosis is critical. Especially today, relying on artificial intelligence systems—you can only feel confident with multiple differential diagnosis.

We are providing you with biological analytics-to find pathophysiological evidence of several mental health conditions. We are providing you with neurological-bleeding edge NLP analysis from VERN AI. We are providing you with multiple vocal and facial expression analytical tools-to really and fully understand what the words and the biology are trying to tell you.

At VERN Health-we know that nothing will replace a trained professional. We want to enable them to see what they hadn’t been able to before. In that way, we’re replacing the naked eye with an electron microscope.