VERN Health at Xlerate Health Demo Day

Wednesday September 22nd, 2021 - 5:00 to 6:30 pm ET

Join us for XLerateHealth’s Virtual Demo Day on Wednesday, September 22nd.
Zoom “opens” at 4:45pm EDT and presentations start promptly at 5:00PM EDT. This is a free event, but registration is required. Please register 
Feel free to share with colleagues who you feel might be interested in learning more about these six awesome startup companies!

The following XLerateHealth companies will be presenting: 

Vern Health (East Lansing, MI) uses a proprietary AI patient assessment technology to recognize and capture human emotions during virtual or face-to-face clinician/patient interactions.  Vern’s AI engine provides the clinician real-time analysis and feedback of a patient’s captured emotions with a goal of improving clinician/patient interactions and outcomes.

mHeart (Newton, PA) has created a hardware/software tool for cardiologists to avoid unnecessary emergency room visits by patients experiencing episodes of chest pain.  mHeart’s 10-lead cardiology patch interacts with a mobile device to provide the cardiologist with real time remote vEKG information about the patient’s condition – effectively creating a virtual office analog.

Adlore™ (Kalamazoo, MI) is designing a next generation device for the treatment of lower extremity wounds, including diabetic/neuropathic foot ulcers, venous stasis leg wounds, arterial and ischemic ulcers. The device incorporates proprietary SenLore™ technology to improve healing rates by supplying heat, thermo-regulated electrical pulse stimulation to increase blood flow, and a feedback sensor to monitor performance.

Global Laparoscopy Solutions. (St Louis, MO) is a medical device company that utilizes elegant ergonomic designs to create innovative and cost-effective laparoscopic tools. These instruments provide adaptive surgical solutions to reduce surgeon discomfort from repetitive motion injury and enhance intra-operative functionality.

MyHelse™ (North Beach, MD) is a customizable “Platform as a Service” that leverages data and analytics to identify early risks at both the individual and population health level. Focused on underserved populations, including Native Americans, MyHelse aims to improve care delivery and health outcomes through data-informed early intervention, lifestyle changes, care coordination, and financial planning.  

Isaab Innovations (Flint, MI) aims to innovate, disrupt and improve on the global medical syringe business through their product, the MultiFlow Syringe. Their patent protected technology aims to improve medication delivery by streamlining the process and decreasing breakdown in sterility measures.
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