Customize based on specialty

Personalize the experience for patients.

VERN Health allows you to customize your patient care analysis based on your specialty. For example, if you want to include Crohn’s disease specific questions in a patient’s questionnaire, or add in +Enhancements you can create a custom technology stack just for you.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this feature:

VERN Health offers core features in the toolkit, but they can be +Enhanced using partner applications. There is no limit to how you can add/configure these applications so you can customize it a great deal. You can also customize your surveys and questionnaires as well (link to previous FAQ-customize own surveys)

There’s no cost for you self-serving your VERN Health technology. So if you have the technical expertise, by all means have fun! We want to provide the most flexible toolkit possible, while still maintaining the core competencies. If you don’t have technical expertise, one of our integration specialists can help you out. You can book an appointment here. (insert the tech Calendly link)