Mobile and Easy to Use

Use VERN Health anywhere

VERN Health is designed to be incredibly easy to use. Why? Because you and your care providers are busy doing other critically important things. Technology should NOT be a hinderance, and we’ve taken great pains to make it as widely available as possible.

That’s why VERN Health can be used on a mobile browser. We will be creating iOS and Android applications in the near future, but in the meantime you can access VERN Health and use all the features on your mobile device, where applicable.

VERN Health works right out of the box, with no need to train. It can be set up to analyze your patient communication in minutes-not weeks, not months. Minutes. We have timed our set up and implementation to be as fast as two minutes, though that’s not always typical.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this feature:

At this time, we do not have a mobile app. We will be creating one for iOS and Android and will make that announcement as soon as possible. VERN Health can be used now on a mobile enabled browser, standard for any modern phones.

Yes. VERN Health relies on information and functions that reside on servers, so in order to provide service to you we have to have service to the device you are using. Once that you have internet connectivity, then the VERN Health system will work as intended.