Intake form analysis

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VERN Health understands that one of the biggest problems in mental and behavioral health treatment is getting to know and understand your patient’s condition as soon as possible. Many times, it takes more than one interaction to create a level of trust necessary. However, that isn’t always feasible.


And, before treatment starts, baseline information as to their condition is critical in establishing if treatment is successful or not. So VERN Health has created several intake forms based on mental health questionnaires for you to use that are vetted, tested and have been proven valid. VERN Health analyzes the responses to these questions and provides you with analysis of the patient even before they see a care provider.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this feature:

Yes. VERN Health can analyze just about any form you need to have analyzed. Simply contact your sales representative or email us and we can walk you through the process. There may be additional fees for development and implementation.

Absolutely. Creating a custom intake form for a patient to use prior to the visit is highly recommended. It’ll give your operators the ability to have a baseline as soon as the session begins. Get a hold of us through email (email: