On-Screen Analysis

See your patient's emotion during the visit.

VERN Health offers on-screen analysis of telehealth sessions and coming soon-in person video screening analysis. Simply start the Zoom or Teams integrated teleconferencing application (in your VERN Health toolkit) and proceed to have a meeting like you would normally. Once initiated, the on-screen analysis will appear and start to score the communication coming from the patient. On-screen icons will indicate the emotions present, and a percentage confidence/strength score will accompany the icons as each sentence is analyzed for emotions.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Once a patient starts a session, the VERN Health analysis is already off and running. As you conduct your visit, you will notice that the on-screen analysis will show you the emotions that the person is using to communicate, and the confidence/strength of those emotions. This will give you a visual indicator of what latent contextual clues that indicate a particular emotion as the conversation is on-going.

Perhaps the patient is becoming more and more irritated. You’ll be able to see the scores of anger increase using VERN Health. Perhaps the patient is much sadder this visit than the last, you can see the scores of sadness continue to increase as the patient emotes more information about their mental state.

Also, since there are frequently multiple interpretations expressed, you will get a nuanced analysis that can reveal things missed in casual conversations. Often times, you’ll find the emotion is also present with another. For example, patients who are sad often times will have a detectable measure of anger in their statements.

While it’s not recommended on a mobile device, due to the obviously intrusive and awkward position of having to hold the device’s camera up for the exam, it can be done. We’d recommend using the web-based exam tool instead.