ZOOM and Teams Integrated

Use the most popular virtual software

VERN Health has a teleconferencing module integrated with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, for you to chose which platform works best within your technology portfolio. Easy to use, easy to understand-and technology that patients are already used to using. This lowers the pain of trying to get used to a new system. Just launch the module from the toolkit and start analyzing!

Here are some frequently asked questions about this feature:

All of the standard features for each video technology will still be present when you use VERN Health. You can share screens, files, chat, and exchange information just as you would in a normal video conferencing session or meeting.

You’ll see the on-screen analysis of VERN Health as it analyzes your exam, which includes on-screen icons will indicate the emotions present, and a percentage confidence/strength score will accompany the icons as each sentence is analyzed for emotions.