Written record of your patient interactions.

VERN Health provides a report that transcribes the conversation and comes complete with analysis that was requested in the toolkit. The report analyzes each sentence for the particular emotions present, and provides them as a “low,” “medium,” and “high” detection of the emotions once VERN AI is confident that they are present. In the transcribed report, there will be an analysis of the highest level of emotion in the session, and an average score of each emotion over the conversation.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this feature:

+Enhancing your VERN Health toolkit will add other analytics to your report, as warranted. Please check with the +Enhance partner for details on what they provide on transcripts as some of their technology may be reported differently or separately.

Are these reports able to integrate with my EHR or PM?

VERN Health is designed to integrate into most common EHR or PM systems. Contact your sales representative for details, or email us here. (email:

VERN Health will deliver the reports and transcripts to you, then in order to comply with regulations we will not be storing these in our system. They can reside on your server, in your EHR/PM system or a repository.